Today’s households are as active as ever. Add in the statistic that pet ownership in Canada has steadily increased year over year and it’s little wonder our carpet and upholstery are taking a beating. Over 55 percent of Canadians now have pets. ZAMii loves this about Canadians.

 Healthy pets mean healthy Canadians. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the special relationship we have with our pets; they are our loyal companions who keep us active and improve our quality of life and our mental health. But, pets, like kids, can be hard on carpet and upholstery.

So, it comes as no surprise that our living spaces, particularly our upholstery and carpets, require more frequent cleaning. Removing pet stains and odours is an increasing part of our customer’s needs. 

Pets Poop on Carpets

ZAMii understands first-hand that animals have accidents sometimes, after all, ZAMii is a penguin.  

Our dedicated 5-Step PET ZONE process is a proven method of removing even the most disastrous pet challenge. This 5-step process ensures the deep cleaning of your pet friendly carpet no matter the degree of pet soiling or staining. Bodily fluids, urine or feces are no match for this process.

Even if your pets are well trained and respectful of your living space, ZAMii recommends a thorough PET ZONE deep cleaning at least once a year. Regardless of the frequency, just know that ZAMii has your back no matter the severity of your pet stains or odour. 

ZAMii’s 5-Step PET ZONE Stain and Odour Removal:

Step 1: A thorough walkthrough and analysis of the pet staining is completed by our qualified Carpeteer. This walkthrough allows our Carpeteer to gain knowledge of the types of pets involved and the degree of soiling that needs attention.

Step 2: PET ZONE: The next step is to begin treating the stains in a manner appropriate to the predominant staining.  This step is completed using the ZAMii PET ZONE specialty products.

PetZone with Hydrocide combines the cleaning and deodorizing power of natural oxygen with the odour bonding and encapsulating power of Hydrocide to give the professional cleaner an entirely new way to neutralize odours caused by urine contamination, without leaving strong and potentially offensive fragrances behind. In addition, the natural oxygen will effectively eliminate stains caused by the urine contamination. This revolutionary formula also includes special additives to enhance solution penetration and improve rinsing and removal. It also contains anti-resoiling properties that keep the treated area from attracting residue. 

Step 3: Application of Odour and Stain remover: For areas where bodily fluids, feces or body soiling are prevalent, an additional process may be required. In this situation, our Carpeteers will attack the stain by applying a higher PH solution cleaner. Stains are tricky.  As professional cleaners we understand that a stain is like an iceberg, only 25% is visible on the surface. But it’s really the other 75% we can’t see that we must concern ourselves with.

Step 4: Pre-Spray applied: Once all stains are addressed our Carpeteer will apply a powerful pre-spray to the full carpet area. This pre-spray is specifically formulated to provide additional soiling breakdown.  This is an important step in our Multi-Step process and ensures that upon the final stages of clean-water extraction, all soiling and staining is completely removed.

Step 5: Clean water FiberRinse extraction: ZAMii’s final step in this process is to move high-heated pressurized clean water deep into the carpet. By pressurizing the water, we ensure it is driven deep into the underside of the carpet. Once the water is pushed through the carpet it is immediately extracted back through the hand-held floor wand using the van mounted extraction machines. These machines offer the most powerful extraction in the industry. This Multi-Step process ensures all the soiling and staining is completely removed. The FiberRinse solution is applied during this process, which leaves your carpet fibers soft and relaxed.

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