Stain Removal

Stain removal is one of ZAMii’s favorite obsessions. We don’t quit until the stain is gone.


The Mark of a Deep Clean

Patterns are nature’s symmetry. They also signify that a carpet has been truly deep cleaned. Aside from that, ZAMii really enjoys them.


Healthy Home, Happy Life

ZAMii preaches the importance of vacuuming your carpet. Vacuum, Vacuum, vacuum on a regular basis to help keep your carpet and your home healthy. As ZAMii always says, Healthy Carpet, Healthy Home. 


The Power of ZAMii

ZAMii uses our powerful portable carpet cleaning extraction machine to ensure our clients living in apartments receive a quality, carpet cleaning. 


Any Surface, Any Stain!

ZAMii also does upholstery deep-cleaning. No matter the fiber or difficulty, you can be assured that your upholstery is in good hands with ZAMii. In this space, there are 3 different fabrics, and we tested each one!


No Job is Too Difficult

 This ZAMii client required a full carpet and upholstery cleaning. The main living area had multiple upholstery pieces complemented with an off-white area rug. Everything was deep cleaned by ZAMii with ultra care and love.


Healthy Home, Happy Life

Happiness is at the core of everything we do. Happiness in what we do and happiness for our clients. As ZAMii says; Healthy Carpet, Healthy Home. Healthy Home, Happy Life.


Always Up for a Challenge

Stain removal is a core ability of ZAMii. No stain is too big or too small. We attack all stains with the same effort. This stain was removed by using the ZAMii Super-Steamer technique. Glitter Glue is a good example of a very difficult stain to remove. But, with the ZAMii Super-Steamer technique, these notoriously difficult stains can be removed. 


ZAMii Gives Back

ZAMii is a proud sponsor of KidSport Calgary and each year we donate a full house carpet or upholstery cleaning to the KidSport annual auction. This lucky recipient received the gold star upholstery cleaning from ZAMii. What a beautiful set of dining chairs, freshly deep cleaned by ZAMii.


KidSport and ZAMii PRO

KidSport and ZAMii PRO, a winning team supporting youth in sports. ZAMii couldn’t be prouder of our involvement with such a meaningful organization.

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